My Struggle to Change FIFA will Continue (2015.10.21)

FIFA continues to sabotage my candidacy for FIFA President.  Two weeks after the October 8 announcement of sanctions against me, the Ethics Committee has yet to send me the reasoned decision.  As of now, I still do not know the exact basis on which they imposed a 6- year ban on me, which I must have in order to appeal the unjust sanctions imposed on me by FIFA’s Ethics Committee.

I petitioned the Swiss district court in Zurich for an injunction against the Ethics Committee’s sanctions, so that I can maintain my candidacy pending my appeal to FIFA’s Appeal Committee and to CAS.  However, the Swiss court rejected my petition on the ground that without the reasoned decision, it has no grounds to make a decision.

FIFA quickly sent out a “media advisory” on the courts’ decision to reporters, as if the Swiss court’s decision validated its unjust acts against me.

It is highly disappointing that the Swiss court rejected my petition on the technical ground that I did not have the reasoned decision, especially given the urgency of my situation and corruption at FIFA.  That was why I petitioned the court in the first place.

I am in a double bind: I cannot maintain my candidacy because of the unjust sanctions, but I cannot appeal those sanctions or get an injunction from the Swiss court because I do not have the reasoned decision that FIFA’s Ethics Committee has so far refused to send me.  In the meantime, the time for me to register as a candidate is fast running out.

Due to FIFA’s interference, it will be difficult for me to meet the October 26 deadline to submit my candidacy for FIFA President.   However, if and when FIFA sends me its reasoned decision, I will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to expose the injustice of FIFA’s sanctions.

The integrity of the next FIFA presidential election has already been seriously undermined by the unfair and unjust interferences by President Blatter’s cronies.  According to FIFA regulations, a candidate must receive 2/3 of the votes in the first round or a majority vote after the second round in order to be elected the President.  I am deeply concerned by press reports that President Blatter may seek to remain as the FIFA President if the February 2016 FIFA Congress is unable to elect a new President.

They may ultimately prevent me from standing for FIFA President.   However, as someone who truly loves football, I will continue to do all that I can to change FIFA.

With the continued support of all those who love football and all those who worry about FIFA’s future, I will continue my struggle until I achieve final vindication.

[국문(Korean version)] FIFA의 변화를 위한 투쟁은 계속될 것이다