What MJ Thinks

“What MJ Thinks” will serve as a platform to share my reflections on the future of football with fans around the globe.

See below documents showing my point of view.

1. A Record of My Struggle against FIFA(2018.06.21)

– (Korean) 나의 FIFA 투쟁 기록

2. As I Withdraw My Candidacy for FIFA President(2015.10.26)

– (Korean) FIFA 회장 선거에서 물러나며

3. Saving Football, Not FIFA(2015.10.26)

– (Korean) FIFA가 아니라 축구를 살려야 한다

4. FIFA, What Should Be Done? (2015.12.18)

– (Korean) FIFA, 어떻게 해야 하나?

5. Hoping for a Reformed FIFA (2016.02.26)

 (Korean) FIFA 개혁을 기대하며

6. My effort to reform FIFA and restore my honor will continue (2016.07.06)

-(Korean) FIFA 개혁과 명예회복 위한 노력 계속할 것