The Full Transcript from the Investigative Chamber

Geoff Thompson: No, it didn’t; it didn’t get to that stage. I think Japan was knocked out first, and then Korea.

Michael Garcia: And then Qatar won.

Geoff Thompson: Yeah, Qatar won on their own.

Michael Garcia: Okay. And –

Geoff Thompson: And that was done because—and I’ll be quite truthful and honest—it was a meeting with Dr. Chung –

Michael Garcia: Mm-hm.

Geoff Thompson: – with the Prime Minister, and, I don’t know that Prince William was there or not, and they asked him to vote, uh, for England. He said he would if my—my friend would vote and I would vote for, uh, Korea. Well, I was thinking of doing that, but if you are saying you’re going to vote for England, and I’ll give my—you know –

Michael Garcia: And then he didn’t.

Geoff Thompson: [INDISCERNIBLE] And he didn’t. I thought, you know, it got killed by David Dein, and [INDISCERNIBLE] the next morning, there they are.

Michael Garcia: Were you there when Dean confronted Chung?

Geoff Thompson: Yeah.

Michael Garcia: And what did he say?

Geoff Thompson: He didn’t say anything, he just tried to walk away. And I had a problem, because I had known Chung and whatever, and I had to meet him them in the UAU or whatever it was, the Club World Campionship very soon afterwards.