Blatter Should Stop Interfering in the FIFA Presidential Election. He Should Resign Immediately.(2015.08.22)

August 22, 2015

Recent media reports allege that the FIFA Ethics Committee is investigating FIFA Honorary Vice President Chung Mong-Joon for his letters to Executive Committee members explaining the Korea bid committee’s already-announced plan to raise US$ 777 million for the “Global Football Fund”. The October 2010 announcement made by Dr. Han Sung-joo, the chairman of the Korea bid committee in London, was widely reported by the mass media at the time. Dr. Chung’s letters were sent after this announcement.

The Global Football Fund was part of the “Football development” category for which all bidding nations were required to submit proposals. Many countries, including England and Qatar submitted plans for Football development just as big, if not bigger, than South Korea’s.

This is yet another clear proof that President Blatter is interfering in the upcoming FIFA presidential election, just as he has done in past elections.

With regard to this case, FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke sent separate letters in November 2010 to Dr. Chung and Dr. Han Sung-joo, informing them that the case would not be submitted to the FIFA Ethics Committee and that it was closed.

FIFA is engaged in a self-defeating attempt to sabotage Dr. Chung’s candidacy, following its recent attacks against UEFA President Michel Platini. President Blatter should stop intervening in the election and resign immediately.

FIFA should realize that it is because it continues to engage in such a reprehensible behavior, that it is unfavorably compared to Mafia by so many.


Mr. LIN Byung-taik
Spokesperson for FIFA Presidential Candidate, Dr. MJ Chung
Contact (82 10 5227 6824 /


[보도자료] 블래터 회장은 선거 개입 중단하고 즉각 사퇴하라(2015.08.22)

FIFA Honorary Vice President Chung Mong-Joon Has Consistently Provided Humanitarian Assistance (2015.08.19)

August 19, 2015


Recent media reports allege that FIFA has started an investigation into FIFA Honorary Vice President Dr. Chung Mong-Joon’s 2010 donations to disaster relief funds to Haiti and Pakistan. If these reports are true, we condemn this as a cynical and unethical effort by FIFA to misrepresent even charitable donations for political manipulation.

Since the 1990s, Dr. Chung has consistently provided charitable donations to those in need, both in Korea and overseas

In addition to providing disaster relief assistance to Haiti and Pakistan, Dr. Chung has made numerous personal charitable donations, starting with the 1999 Turkey earthquake relief, Bangladesh disaster relief, China earthquake relief and Myanmar cyclone relief funds.

As the chairman of the Asan Foundation, the largest philanthropic organization in Korea, Dr. Chung also helped the foundation provide medical assistance to victims of the Indonesian tsunami, 2005 Pakistani earthquake, and Sri Lankan tsunami.

In January 2010, as the chairman of the ruling Grand National Party in the Korean National Assembly, Dr. Chung also announced at a party meeting that he would personally donate money to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

In 2010, Dr. Chung founded the Asan Nanum (“sharing”) Foundation contributing $ 200 million towards a $ 600 million total endowment.


[보도자료] 아이티 파키스탄 지원 관련 보도자료 (2015.08.19)

Mr. Blatter Should Step Down (2015.05.29)

I have known Mr. Sepp Blatter for more than 20 years. He is a smart man. He has built up FIFA into the richest and most powerful sports organization in the world.

However, to our great disappointment, FIFA has become one of the most distrusted organization in the world. I am afraid corruption in FIFA is systemic and deep-rooted. The history of corruption in FIFA coincides with Sepp Blatter’s tenure as the head of that organization.

It is clear that Mr. Blatter cannot reform FIFA. The only way to save football is for Mr. Blatter to step down. For the sake of the game we love so much, I urge Mr. Blatter to resign as soon as possible, irrespective of the election results.

2015. 5. 29
M. J. Chung
Honorary Vice President of FIFA

[보도자료] 블래터 회장은 즉각 물러나야 합니다(2015.05.29)